Would you like to hire professional Ruby on Rails developers to help you with your website, for less than $30/day?

It is very easy, just email us your tasks. One of our developers will solve your problem same day. You can submit unlimited number of small, 1 hour, tasks.



From $199/week

Nowdays it became extremely expensive to hire a Ruby on Rails developers. Instead of paying thousands and thousands per month, our unlimited monthly plans start at only $199/week.


On the same day

Not only expensive, but it is also almost impossible to find good Ruby on Rails developers. With RubySoft.xyz you can be sure there is always someone available to help you with any of your tasks.


No risk money back guarantee

Hiring individual developers could be risky as well. RubySoft.xyz is 100% safe. If you are not satisfied with our work witin 30 days, we will return your all your money back, no questions asked. Plus you can keep all the code we developed for you.

Service Plans


Our basic plan

$ 199 /week

  • Unlimited 1 hour tasks
  • 1 task at a time
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Suitable for most demanding customers

$ 399 /week

  • Unlimited 1 hour tasks
  • 3 tasks at a time
  • Higher priority
  • Shorter response time
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Dedicated custom plan

$ 1,899 /week

  • 1 dedicated developer
  • Full time, 40hrs/week
  • Unlimited tasks
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Who we are



Dušan aka netoff has been programming since he was 12, so technically he's got some 20 years of experience being only 32 yeas old. He started working with Rails when Rails was at version 1.2. Dushan thinks it would take him another 5 years, to learn all things Ruby related. Some time ago he founded RubySoft.xyz together with some awesome guys.



Žarko is veteran C++ programmer, working in the fields of bio-informatics and computer aided modeling and design for more than 10 years. During this period, working as scientific researcher, he specialized in finite element analysis software. It comes to no surprise that learning web programming with Rails was a piece of cake for him. When he is not busy 3D printing human bones, he is finishing his PhD thesis.



Branimir graduated in math and computer sciences long time ago, and since then he was working as a teacher at high school, and as a C# developer(yikes!). Then at some point in his life he discovered Rails, and it changed everything for him. He thinks that learning Ruby on Rails was smartest decision he ever made. Now he recruits and trains new developers at RubySoft.xyz