How it works

Please singup for one of our plans first. After you signup, please add our developers account to your Guthub or Bitbucket repository as a collaborator on your project: This would enable us to fetch your code, make any changes necessary and then push our fixes and changes back

If you are using you custom hosted git, plase send invitation to collaborate on your project to

If you are not using source code control/versioning service of any kind, we would be glad to setup your project and host it with our Bitbucket account, free of charge

You can just simply email your tasks with a subject line starting with a 'New Task', to our dedicated email address: Attach your screenshots, PDFs, mockups or whatever other files you think are importan. Please use same email address to send new taks, as you used when you signedup. This would enable us to properly manage your tasks

You can submit any Ruby/Rails related codding task to us. In order to be able to service all our clients, we can aceppt only small tasks, which can be completed within one hour

We will try to do and complete any task you send to us. If we think that it would take us much longer than one hour to complete your task, we would ask you to break your bigger task, into many smaller subtasks, and then submit them one by one. If we start working on your tasks and then see it takes more than one hour to complete, first we will try to finish it, even when it takes more than one hour. Then we might temporarily stop working on your task, so we can service our other client, and then we will get back to it at a later time

No, we only do Ruby/Rails related work. We do JavaScript/CoffeeScript work only if it is in the context of Rails application. Otherwise we can not do design, PSD slicing, Angular/Ember/Backbone, or Node programming